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Short Film competition

A brief space to convey a thought. Timing constraints that imply compression of topics, meanings and skills. The short film as a quick passage for a sign that, sometimes, might need more space. An art that, since its birth, assumes a terse communication skill and that makes for a perfect wedding with everyone's imagination, to which it presents itself as a film frame, a word, a sudden message.
Animation lives in a short time frame and within such a short time frame can reach utmost levels, capable to impress and remain forever captured in memory. Every single second of a short film obliges the author to research a perfect balance, to carefully study the production and to evaluate the possibilities to use and experiment any kind of technique, from the most scholastic to the most innovating ones. It is for all of these reasons that Lucca Animation is glad to welcome the over 200 films, created in the last 12 months, submitted to the Short Film Competition: a colourful, heterogeneous and varied reality from which forty works, after careful evaluation from the selection committee, have been extracted to be offered to the audience. Forty works that talk several languages but are connected by a universal communication, a common path and an inextinguishable desire: narrate with moving images the same power of his elder brother, the "live action" cinema. This collection of works from all over the world (from Iran to Canada, to Australia, to Estonia, to Japan, to Portugal) combines in a unique mosaic with a mix of art, narration and visual initiative. Comedy and humour, peculiar features of a more consumer oriented animation, are joined with spirituality, sorrow, melancholy and all the everyday feelings of everyone, providing a vast and kaleidoscopic landscape.
All of this make for a thread line that crosses the animation territory to pick it up and take it in front of an audience of both lovers and amateurs as well. A territory asking sometimes for particular attention and sensitivity.
A territory not easy to understand at the first sight, mainly due to the lack of education to this art, as it lives out of contemporary culture borders. Nevertheless this limitation, this universe is continuing to propose unique experimentations and artistic performances.


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