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The Animated Bytes of Andrea Zingoni

galacticosLucca Animation decided to inaugurate its "Serial Authors" section, dedicated to authors of animated series for television (that, anyway, don't sacrifice high quality standard to seriality) with the very Italian Andrea Zingoni. Florentine (born in 1955), eclectic and multi-faceted, he started his career twenty-five years ago, founding together with Antonio Glessi the experimental group of video and computer art Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici ("Social Mechanical Buddies" also known with the acronym GMM). Dealing with several disciplines (they range from music to theatre, to cinema, to ambient video-installation, to education, to hyper-textual information systems) and multimedia, GMM develop in 1984 the first computer comics ever in the history of comics: GMM Vs. Dracula.

dixiIn the later years, till the group dissolution, GMM activities did continue in the realms of music, theatre and video installations. In 1995 Gino il Pollo (Gino the Chicken) was born,  presenting himself to the world with the clip Gino the Chicken lost in the net, the first of a series of episodes produced with mixed techniques, from video to 3D computer animation. Since the beginning of 2001 Gino il Pollo is present on, hosting the Gino TG. Soon, also the weekly schedule begins, with the flash-based web cartoon designed by the Florentine Joshua Held Gino Weekend. It is within this series that  Tu vuo' fa ‘o Talebano is born, a true phenomenon that, thanks to a word of mouth widely spread in the network, soon hits millions of downloads. In 1999 the contents of the site has been collected and published in the book Gino the Chicken. By the time the CD with Gino's songs (published by BMG) and the book  Sex'n'Gino'n'rocchenrolle (Neapolitan-like mock of Sex Drugs and Rock'n'Roll), which also contains the unpublished novel by Andrea Zingoni Le avventure di Ginocchio are published, Gino is a mass phenomenon.

ginoIn 2006 two series of Gino il Pollo perso nella rete see the light: Zingoni cares concept, subject and screenplay, direction, soundtrack, editing, post production sound  and dubs the main characters, Rai and Lanterna Magica are the producers. In the same year, with the same production, Zingoni writes and directs the pilot episode of Planet Party, a comical series where a group of young heroes fights the dark forces with music. The following work is Arturo e Kiwi, co-produced by Rai and MyTV, a cartoon where a Neapolitan Mastiff and his aid Kiwi transpose in comedy the explanations of traditional Italian recipes. From this fortunate series it has stemmed  Arturo e Kiwi - Cucina per i cuccioli, that premieres at our festival.

happyThey are now in production, especially for kids, Galacticos, presenting the stories of two funny aliens Astur and Jeda and Happy Family, featuring the weird and magic Famiglia Pupazzo.


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