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Robot Vs. Real

evaEvangelion: 1.0 Your Are (Not) Alone
Saturday 21 March, 10.30 PM, Cinema Centrale
Evangelion: 1.0 Your Are (Not) Alone is a 2007 feature film written and directed by Hideaki Anno. It is the first film of the tetralogy Rebuild of Evangelion, based on the original anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. It has been produced and co-distributed by Hideaki Anno’s Studio Khara. The old repeating structure of super robots (in each episode a new evil “angel” to be defeated appears) is now oriented to an audience of teenager, offering also an extremely modern design, the living nature of the robots and easy biblical esoterisms. Yet the true revolution is a deeper psychological analysis of the characters: Shinji is an alienated kid, alone and fragile, who must cope with the merciless requests of a dictatorial father, maybe a metaphor of contemporary Japanese society. The robot, for the first time showing their dreadful violence, appear frightening, with their unearthly and uncontrollable acts.

nadeMobile Battleship Nadesico - The Movie Wednesday
18 March, 10.30 PM, Cinema Centrale
2196 A.D. The Earth is fighting against an invading alien civilisation called Jovian Lizards. In order to oppose this powerful enemy, a firm named Nergal creates a mighty battleship, the ND-001 Nadesico. The main problem of the ship is anyway the crew: albeit the greatest expert in the relevant field, these characters cannot give up on their individualism and their weird behaviours. The main character, Akito Tenkawa, is a boy with a mysterious past, once living on one of the Mars colonies. He came on Earth after the destruction of his colony by Jovian Lizards. He hates fighting and dreams of becoming a chef; nevertheless, he is one of the best pilots of Aestevalis, Nadesico fighting robots.

Sunday 22 March, 8.30 PM, Cinema Centrale
Patlabor is a successful project of the Headgear group, born in 1988 gathering around the idea of a robot anime. This project includes a manga series, two OAV series, a television anime, three animated feature films, several videogames and various merchandise items. Patlabor takes place in a now outmoded 1988 (the close future, for 1988 authors), in a Tokyo occupied in building the greatest engineering project ever, the project Babylon, a series of dams and channels to steal space to the sea in order to have more room for human expansion. Project Babylon gives incredible momentum to development and production of Labors, robot adopted in building and industrial fields, which on turn, are used also by criminals pestering the city. Tokyo police, in order to limit this phenomenon, creates special units equipped with a new generation of Labors, the Patrol Labor, also known as Patlabor.


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