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A Break with the Artist

coffeeFour meetings, five artists, a relaxed environment in a quiet middle afternoon. A face to face with animation world's creativity in the form of an enjoyable and relaxed chat. From Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st at 6:00 PM, in Palazzo Pretorio, audience and journalists will have the occasion to attend one of Lucca Animation events, A Break with the Artist. Andrea Zingoni, Ondřej Švadlena, Rosto, Suzie Templeton, Christopher Hopewell, are the five guests that will populate this space joining culture and debate on the projects they have been working on for years. A meeting opportunity under the arches of Loggiato Pretorio, an auditorium that exceptionally mates with the outer frame of Piazza San Michele. All the guests will have the possibility to chat with the audience, but Tommaso Cerasuolo, animator, director and leader of the indie band Perturbazione, will also be supported by music, with Gigi Giancursi (lead guitar of Perturbazione) accompanying him in a unique unplugged concert , not to be missed by Perturbazione seasoned fan and by newcomers as well


Wedsneday 18th 
18.00  Andrea Zingoni
Thursday 19th   
18.00  A Break with the artist:Tommaso Cerasuolo and Gigi Giancursi,
           Perturbazione Unplugged                             
Friday 20th         
18.00  A Break with the Artist: Ondřej Švadlena
Saturday 21th     
18.00  A Break with the Artist: Rosto, Suzie Templeton, Christopher Hopewell


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