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Barry Purves

The English artist featured in a 90 minutes animation showcase where a film of some seconds, with puppets, or black silhouettes on white background, will be created. Some film sequences will also be screened, to get examples of good and bad animation and explain the origins of both.
Thursday 19 March, 3:00 PM, Palazzo Pretorio

Tommaso Cerasuolo

The Turin artist and musician explains his animations' techniques [direct on cel, used for the short film Eifù (1995) and pixilation, used for the music video of Un anno in più  (2008)] and involves the audience in the production of some animation tryouts.
Friday 20 March, 3:00 PM, Palazzo Pretorio

Maya Yonesho

Japanese animator keeps going with her project of abstract animation synchronised with music and sounds, dedicated to the world cities. In the Lucca leg of her tour she will directly involve students and youngsters in the workshop: a walk in town will become an animated short, with abstract drawing on rice paper to mimic shapes and colours of the surroundings.
Maya Yonesho is a Japanese artist that plays with stop motion animation of colour shades, ink and watercolours. Her art is visual abstract art which is synchronized with music and sounds; it is a form of visual representation of the thought that starts from the orchestration of the sound or voice with the moving pictures. Her works - that recalls the ones from some great masters of the world animation, like Norman McLaren and Oskar Fischinger - originate from the desire to create a "global" form of communication, capable to overcome any linguistic limit and boundary. Maya often re-elaborates in symbols the images from her everyday life, from the objects and the people she meets in her abroad travels. Introspection (1998) was born in United Kingdom, Üks Uks (2003) in Estonia and Wiener Wuast (2006) in Austria. In its 2009 edition Lucca Animation will have the honour and the pleasure to welcome this great artist and see her at work in his brilliant project Daumenreise: a "travelling" animation workshop (since 2007 Yonesho made eight films we could define eight world "mix" - or eight "mix" from the world). Daumenreise 9 - Lucca Mix will be an exceptional art experiment that will be capable to involve and fascinate everyone. During the festival we will have the possibility to see and maybe even take active part in the realisation of the film (we might even identify ourselves as an integral part of the work!) and we will be surely asked to elaborate feeling and memories the vision of the completed workshop gave us.

From Tuesday 17 March till Saturday 21 March Across the city



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